by Mordecai Schreiber (Author), Iqbal Unus (Author), Ian Case Punnett (Author)
by Mordecai Schreiber (Author), Iqbal Unus (Author), Ian Case Punnett (Author)

From the back of the book:

During troubled times, millions have been inspired by the stories and spiritual lessons of the selfless leadership of Moses. In a world increasingly affected by political, social, and racial imbalance, we need strong, innovative leaders who have not forgotten or ignored these valuable lessons. How Millennials Can Lead Us Out of the Mess We're In: A Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian brings together an Israeli-born rabbi, a Pakistani-born Muslim scholar, and an ordained Midwestern American to inspire the next generation of leaders with a timeless story of the ancient prophet Moses. Written in an easy and accessible style, this book is meant for sincerely spiritual but church-resistant Bible readers as well as those who are familiar with the Moses narrative. No leadership book has ever attempted to synthesize the religious views of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity into one unified, harmonious voice singing a single hymn.

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