Freeing Jesus - Rediscovering Jesus as Friend, Teacher, Savior, Lord, Way and Presence

Freeing Jesus

From the back of the book:

"Experiencing Jesus anew:  Diana Butler Bass is one of only a few modern Christian writers who can absolutely blow me away with both spiritual insight and beautiful writing.  She is brilliant scholar and a wonderful storyteller, charming and devout, erudite and deeply human." - Anne Lamott

A Rhythm of Prayer - A Collection of Meditations for Renewal

A Rhythm of Prayer - A Collection of Meditations for Renewal

From the back of the book:

"To hear have to be willing to experience what's holy in places many people don't deem to be sacred" - Amena Brown

"When the sun has disappeared, the light remains.  And when the night sinks down in shades of indigo and navy blue, you'll be ready to be friends with the night and the silence, and hopefully with your own soul.  The first star of the evening will appear at last like a benediction for the patient and faithful ones" - Sarah Bessey


Saturday - By Oge Mora

From inside the front cover:

Today will be special.

Today will be splendid.

Today is SATURDAY!!

This is the day that Ava and her mother cherish.

Saturday means:

story time, salon time, picnic time, and this week...THE BEST PUPPET SHOW EVER!

But what happens when life doesn't exactly deliver on its promise?

Join a mother and daughter on an up-and-down journey that reminds them of what's BEST about Saturdays:


The Skin We're In

The Skin We're In by Desmond Cole

JUST ARRIVED !!!!!! "The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power" by Desmond Cole

From inside the front cover:

"A bracing, provocative, and perspective-shifting book from one of Canad's most celebrated and uncompromising writers, "The Skin We're In" will spark a national conversation, influence policy, and inspire activists.

Save Our Water

We are Water Protectors

From inside the front cover:

"Water is the first medicine.  It affects and connects us all...

Inspired by the many Indigenous-led movements across North America, this bold and lyrical picture book issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth's water from harm and corruption."


It's OK to be Different

It's OK to be Different

From the back of the book:

"'It's OK to be different' celebrates children who have the courage to be themselves, and to accept others as they are.  Young readers with an eye for exceptional artwork and clever wordplay will enjoy it over and over again." - Readers Favourite

"Parents seeking read-alouds that educate kids about diversity and acceptance will find "It's OK to be Different" the perfect lesson of choice." - Midwest Book Reviews