by Jennifer Manuel
Open Secrets (Lorimer SideStreets)

From the back of the book:

" Ana Santos has devoted countless hours to her music. A lucky break comes one night when her band is chosen to perform at an open mic night.  Almost overnight Ana and her band see their popularity start to grow. To top it off, Gill Daring, a well-known local music producer offers to be Ana's music coach.  At first, Ana is flattered by Gill's attention as he showers her with praise and sets her up with interviews, photo shoots, even a gift  or two! When Gill becomes more demanding about her time, and even suggest she doesn't need the rest of her band, Ana starts to wonder if she's making the right decision.  Then one day mysterious messages start arriving for Ana and she wonders if there's more to Gill Daring than she knows."

From Amazon: 

"The #MeToo movement has revealed the prevalence of sexual assault in society, especially as committed by powerful men. But it is an issue that also affects the lives of teen girls. This book tells the the story of seventeen-year-old Ana Santos, who has ambitions to make it big in music and signs a contract with the owner of a music café without knowing there are sexual strings attached. It looks at the darker side of the music industry, including sexual harassment, lyrics that degrade and demean women and social media trolling as backlash for speaking up, all while presenting a strong, realistic main character who overcomes her feelings of shame to find a voice for herself and her music."

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