Reflections on Emancipation and Anti-Black Racism for Canada
Reflections on Emancipation and Anti-Black Racism for Canada

From the back of the book:

"For too many Canadians, our nation's role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade is almost entirely subsumed within the image of the final destination of liberty for those traveling the Underground Railway. This picture often entirely eclipses the painful reality of chattel slavery practised in (what was then called) British North America, which played a significant role in both the development of Canada and the anti-black racism that continues to haunt us."

Rev. Dr I. Ross Bartlett, Director, United Church Formation, Adjunct Professor, Atlantic School of Theology.

From Amazon:

"REFLECTIONS on EMANCIPATION and ANTI-BLACK RACISM for CANADA offers a collection of reflections by theologians, historians, and pastors from Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and the USA. They reflect on the relevance of the celebration of the abolition of slavery for Canada. Unfortunately, many Canadians are not aware of the history of chattel slavery in their country. This book seeks to raise awareness about the history of African enslavement and the legacies of slavery in Canada."

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