Daily Reflections on Seeking Wisdom edited by Alydia Smith
lesser evils

"From the back of the book: Regardless of how righteous we might feel about our decisions, we choose evils every day, hoping we are choosing the lesser ones"

"Does your faith inform your daily choices? Lesser Evils reflects on the decisions we make every day.  From "do I take this parking space?" to "do I wear this mask?" to "Do I choose to forgive you?".  Daily scripture, reflections, personal questions and prayers for individual devotions or group discussion explore how to attempt to seek wisdom and do good as followers of Jesus."

Here is a devotional series that leads to reflection and contemplation. Just not in easy ways we recognize as sacred.  Lesser Evils takes us through the shadowed valleys of our souls.  And it speaks to the part of us that wants to explore those valleys but fears to encourage it's use for those of us who have something or someone to forgive, even and especially if that someone is you"

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