In 1979, the Christian Resource Centre came into being when the new curriculum and the need for presentations prompted its birth. There was a need for a physical space to store the materials when not in the back of someone’s car – a need for a physical home whilst not in transit. A place where Christian educators could visit and become acquainted with the curriculum as well as examine others resources. 
A large brown cupboard in the basement at Main Street United was the very first home. This arrangement however was not ideal as the cupboard could only be accessed during the week, when the church was open or the church secretary was in. To solve this inconvenience, the cupboard experienced a sojourn at Clinton United Church – a time that lasted just one year – before its return to Mitchell. It was then the late Rev. Bert Daynard suggested having a storefront instead of a church basement to improve accessibility. Coincidently, there was a retiring lawyer’s office coming on to the rental market. This was the perfect place to start! The location? In the CIBC building on the corner of Ontario and St. Andrew Streets. The official opening was October 13th 1979 with Dr Wilbur Howard officiating.

Later when the bank required more space, the Resource Centre was able to secure a new home recently occupied by a hairdressing salon. Here it has remained: downstairs of Mitchell’s Masonic Lodge, tucked between The Hub of Mitchell and the TD Bank, continuing to be of ecumenical service in its resources and outlook.