Thu, 01/05/2023 - 22:39 By Gayle Coleman

From the back cover:

A 40-day journey to calm your restless, anxious thoughts and listen for the voice of Jesus.

In the stress, noise, and activity of modern life, there is a way of finding inner peace and contentment. "In the Presence of Jesus" will help you learn to quiet your mind and focus your attention on the grace and love that are only available in God's presence.  Deeply faithful to Scripture and infused with the truth of Christ's unwavering love on every page, this easy-to-understand daily guide will empower you to transfer the truth of His everlasting love for you from your head to your heart.  Every day, you'll experience:

*An invocation welcoming Christ's presence into your devotional time

*A personal note as if it were written by Jesus to you, drawn carefully from Scripture to open your heart to the grace of Christ

*Scripture verses to meditate on

*Prayers, reflection activities, and blessings to help you focus on Christ's presence throughout your day.

Awaken, moment by moment, to the enduring presence of a loving God - and experience tranquility for your mind and soul.

In the presence of Jesus
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