Wed, 09/25/2019 - 23:32 By Gayle Coleman

Psalm 10 - a paraphrase

Why does it feel like you are far away, God?
Why does it seem like you've disappeared
when trouble comes?

The poor are being persecuted
by the systems that support the over-rich.
Oh, let the hoarders of wealth be caught
by the plans of their own making!

They (We) boast of their (our) schemes,
and, by their (our) greed,
they (we) renounce you, God.
They (We) say, "God is not worried
about someone like me,"
and they (we) think,
"Ha! There is no God!"

They (We) prosper in the ways of the world,
not seeing your judgements,
scoffing at those who stand against them (us).

Their (Our) hearts say,
"This is MINE!
Nothing will take it away!"

They (We) curse others with their (our) words and actions,
with their (our) lies and scheming,
with their (our) oppression... their (our) sin.

They (we) sit, waiting for the opportunity,
and, when it comes, they (we) take it,
no matter the harm,
no matter the death,
no matter the wrong.

They (we) crouch, like a lion,
ready to pounce,
to drag away,
to devour.

They (we) stand on their (our) heights,
and crush the helpless below.

Their (Our) hearts say,
"No one will notice.
God has forgotten them,
God will never see!"

Rise up, great God, rise up!
Let the oppressed know
that they are not forgotten!
Let the poor know that they
are remembered!

Why do they (we) think they (we) will not be
called to account?

You see what the world sees.
You know what the cosmos knows.

You know the trouble and grief,
you are the help of the helpless,
the protector of margins
and all who live there.

Break the power of the power-filled,
root out the evil until it is gone!

You are Sovereign, forever,
even as time brings nations and states
to their end.

Hear the cries of the oppressed,
strengthen their hearts,
hear their pain,
and let justice live -
that fear would be no more.

That fear would be no more.