Sat, 01/07/2023 - 00:42 By Gayle Coleman

From the back of the book:

Good Courage aims to inspire with honest testimonies from people who have had the courage to follow their hearts, to hope against hope, and to faithfully work towards a better world.

*This concise and perceptive meditations for each day of Lent in this book are poignant, thoughtful, inviting, and challenging.  Members of a Lent study group will find much spiritual encouragement here; leaders will also appreciate the helpful guidance contained in the study guide.

*This courage workbook guides its reader through the arc of Lent with wisdom and generosity of spirit.  The contributors' insights are grounded in their own justice-oriented practices of faith, making Good Courage a work of deep engagement with the pressing concerns of contemporary life.  Ideal for individuals, groups, or churches wishing to deepen their Lenten practice, there's something for everyone in here!


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